Interview with Bitta Blood

Bitta Blood

It’s always good to interview up and coming talent that has the potential and drive to break through. Bitta Blood is exactly that. A talented artist who is making monster maneuvers for his career. Our artist of the week is Bitta Blood. Listen to his new single Diss Me and then check out the interview below!

1. What is up with Bitta Blood right now?

I’m making good music, enjoying my work, and finally understanding the music business.

The streets are starting to recognize my brand through all the hard work my team and I

have been putting in.

2. How did you get the name, Bitta Blood?

In high school I used to musically battle with other dancehall reggae artists at my school.

When I was a freshman, I would even battle seniors. After each battle people would say

that my “blood bitta”. “Blood Bitta” is a Jamaican slang that is used to describe a no

nonsense kind of person. I reversed the two words and made it my own because I thought

it perfectly described me, my outlook on life, and the world.

3. Tell us about your new song, Diss Me?

Diss me is produced by the production duo BudadaFuture and Grandz Muzic. Buda sent

me the beat and immediately when I heard it I got the idea to sample my own vocals. So

I sampled part of the hook from a old dancehall reggae song I did a while back. I linked

up with Dave East to add more edge to the track. Now the street is embracing it for its

realness, hard hitting lyrical contents, and its blend of hip hop and dancehall reggae.

4. Now you are described as a dancehall and reggae artist from the Bronx but originally

born in Jamaica. What was it like moving to the states from another country?

Change is always difficult, and automatically you are different so that also adds to the

degree of difficulty. But I wouldn’t change it because the blending and the understanding

that I have of the the Jamaican and American cultures gives me a leg up on everyone else

musically because now I am able to blend the two cultures equally well in my songs.

5. Who or what is your #1 life inspiration?

An artist for the most part usually understands how talented he/she is. My drive is to

make my audience understand me almost the same way. In a time when a lot of artists

are not what they seem to be, I want to be the artist who people say is as good as I say I


6. In 5 years you want the world to say what about Bitta Blood?

Bitta Blood is the most versatile artist of all time. I want to get to the point where there is

no dropoff in my delivery and performance as a rapper or as dancehall reggae artist.

7. Who is one artist, dead or alive, that you would like to work?

Bounty Killer

8. Do you have any plans to tour this summer?

NO. This summer is dedicated to building my buzz in the streets, which I take a very

personal role in accomplishing.

9. Would you rather produce tracks in the studio or perform live?

Performing live is what I love the most. The audience sings my song and gives me their

energy. Nothing tops that.

10. What is your dream in the music industry broken down into 1 sentence?

I want to dominate the hip hop and dancehall reggae markets at some point in time.

11. Where should the people look to find you at online?

Twitter: bittablood

Instagram: bittablood

YouTube: bittablood100

Soundcloud: bittablood

12. Do you have any last thoughts or shout outs you would like to share?

Only one thing on my mind “RUN DI PLACE”

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David Rodgers

David is a contributing writer for PopTribune and current student at North Carolina State.

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