Court hears case of teen accused of sending texts urging boyfriend’s suicide

This story is super sad source AP:


Dozens of text messages that a teenage girl sent to her boyfriend that encouraged him to kill himself were just words and do not constitute a crime, her lawyer told the state’s highest court Thursday.

But a prosecutor argued that Michelle Carter pressured Conrad Roy III for weeks to end his life and engaged in “emotional manipulation” of a vulnerable teen who had struggled with depression and previously attempted suicide.

The Supreme Judicial Court heard arguments in Carter’s appeal of a juvenile court judge’s refusal to dismiss the manslaughter charge stemming from Roy’s 2014 death.

The justices made it clear they were struggling with whether Carter’s actions met the definition of manslaughter, peppering both side with questions about exactly what she did to encourage or assist Roy’s suicide.

Justice Robert Cordy questioned Assistant District Attorney Shoshana Stern about what he called the “$100,000 question” in the case: “When did this cross the line — when did these words cross the line?”

In addition to the many text messages encouraging Roy to kill himself, Stern said, Carter also spoke on the phone with him while he was in his truck inhaling carbon monoxide fumes.

When Roy got out of his truck, she told him to “get back in,” Stern said.

“I think what we can say that we know is that she was way over the line when she told him to get back in the truck,” Stern said.

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